Our favourite animal-friendly winter boots

With the thermometer dropping, you can turn the style dial to HOT ... all while making kind choices for animals. Here are a few of our top picks!


PUBLISHED ON: 8 August 2016

If you're part of the growing movement of style icons being kind to cows and other animals by choosing alternatives to leather, it's time to get excited. Winter has arrived, which means there's a whole new fashion landscape to enjoy — and we're determined to keep your look on point.

Here are just some of our favourite animal-friendly winter boots! We've included selections from Rubi, Lipstik, Payless, Spendless, H & M, and Vegan Style — but there are loads more options just an internet search away.

Also, pro-tip: you can filter searches on sites like Asos by 'non leather' and on Polyvore using keywords like 'vegan'. And stores like Moo Shoes and Beyond Skin in the northern hemisphere often have sale items just perfect for our southern seasons...

NAE Chelsea boot - at Vegan Style Bourgois Boheme Chelsea boot - at Vegan Style Rubi Shoes - Vinnie boot Rubi Shoes - Drama Gusset Boot
Bhava Studios - Stella boot Rubi Shoes - Tia Lace Up Boot Payless Shoes - Storm Leopard Boot H & M - Brogues
Rubi Shoes - Elle V Cut Out Boot Payless Shoes - Eros Tan Boot Spendless - Agent / Obsessed Boot Pipduck - Kalo Kor Army boot
Vegan Style - Diana Boots ASOS - AFFIA Ankle Boot Payless Shoes - Tanner Black Boot ASOS - Glamorous Zip Taute Boot

And do NOT worry: we haven't forgotten the fashion-forward fellas. Please enjoy — this is just a tiny selection of the sharp men's styles out there, too!

Bourgeois Boheme Roger boot - at Vegan Style Payless Shoes - Cooper Taupe Payless Shoes - Waits Brown Novacas Duprey boot - at Vegan Style

Please note this is not an advertisement. We just like animal-friendly boots!


With cruelty-free alternatives becoming more accessible (and chic) by the day, animals don't need to suffer for the sake of winter wear — including fur, down and wool.

Choosing kindly is simple and rewarding! Discover more about how you can create a brighter world for animals through everyday decisions.

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