How to keep animals safe during New Year's Eve fireworks

Fireworks may be exciting for humans but they can be terrifying for animals. Here are a few things you can do to help ensure New Year's Eve is safer for our feathered and four-legged friends:


PUBLISHED ON: 28 December 2017

Bring animals inside

Before festivities begin, bring animals inside and ensure that your house is safe and secure.

Provide a safe haven

Provide a haven in your home — close windows, draw blinds/curtains, turn on TV or radio for background noise. If you have larger animals (such as horses) stable them for the evening and shield from outside noise as much as possible — ie. close doors / cover windows. Make their area as safe and comfortable as possible — ie. plenty of water and food and remove any dangerous objects (tools etc) that could cause accidental injury.

Don't underestimate what panicked animals will do to escape

Some pets can become so spooked they will do anything to escape — including bolting over high fences and even through glass windows, so keep this in mind and make sure your property is escape-proof.

Make sure you and your BFF can be quickly reunited if they become lost

Make sure animals are easily identifiable (microchip, collar with their name and your phone number and/or address) in case they do become lost. Make sure that your details linked to their microchip are up-to-date.

Take your dog for a walk/play during the day

Take your pup for a nice long walk/play during the day (provided it isn't too hot of course) so they are more likely to sleep later on.

Never leave dogs tied up

Don't tie up dogs with a leash, chain or rope as they can choke and/or be seriously injured if they become panicked.

Know what to do if you come across distressed wildlife

Fireworks can be particularly terrifying for birds and other wildlife. Know what to do and who to contact if you come across distressed native animals, particularly around roads.


If in doubt, stay at home.

... or arrange for a friend or family member to supervise your animal companions (and distract them with treats and games).

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