Animals Australia's major campaigns

Farmed animals
‘Somewhere’: How you can make their dreams come true
Factory farming
Shining a light on legalised cruelty.
Live Export
Follow our investigations and join over 1 million people speaking out for the victims of live export.
This baby calf was killed as a 'waste product' of the dairy industry.
Puppy Factories
Investigations and campaigns that are paving the way for a future without puppy factories.
Why eating fewer animal products will help animals, the planet, and ultimately ourselves.

Animals Australia's major campaigns are strategically targeting the areas where animals are in greatest need — whether due to extreme cruelty, or due to the vast number of individual animals who are suffering.


Our work is focused around two strategic areas: investigations to expose animal abuse wherever it occurs, and public awareness initiatives to empower and inspire individuals to make conscious, kind choices.


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