IN THE NEWS: TV tip "Secret live animal transport": live exports exposed on ZDF


IN THE NEWS: On NOV 22, 2017

Every year millions of animals from Europe are transported to other countries. The cattle and sheep are sometimes on ships and trucks for weeks -- in the worst conditions imaginable.

Theoretically, the so-called "Animal Welfare Transport Ordinance" applies to animal transport. However, the theory and practice are far apart, as the ZDF program 37 Grad reveals in their documentary "secret animal transport".

Overloaded transporters, excruciating heat, stress and dehydration - for the animals, the long transports are a torture. Many injure or die agonizingly on the journey. Even small calves are transported according to ZDF, for some 3000 kilometers.

ZDF: Laws are not respected

The reason: The export of live cattle and sheep from the EU is booming. Main recipients are Turkey and the Middle East.

Although there are statutory EU regulations that are intended to protect the animals during transport. The European Court of Justice has some time ago even decided that the welfare of the animals must be ensured to the last destination.

However, the transports are not controlled. At the latest, as soon as they leave the EU, the laws are no longer respected -- as documented by the creators of the ZDF program.

Investigative research reveals horrifying images

"37 Grad" author Manfred Karremann went on a months-long investigative research trip, which took him from German farms to Bulgaria and Turkey to Lebanon. In his documentary he reveals horrifying scenes of animal cruelty.


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