IN THE NEWS: Crustacean liberation as RSPCA spreads its tentacles


IN THE NEWS: On AUG 13, 2019

The octopus, squid, lobster and crab are to be protected from cruelty by the RSPCA in a victory for one of the founding fathers of animal rights.

Shellfish headed for the cooking pot will have their welfare championed by the charity with the same vigour as it has fought for cats, dogs, horses and farm animals since the Victorian era.

The reform is a final triumph for Richard Ryder, who invented the concept of "speciesism" to describe human dominance over the animal kingdom and who is about to retire from the RSPCA's board, which he joined 48 years ago. RSPCA sources confirmed that it was working with the government to get seafood included in a proposed law to protect all animals that are deemed sentient.

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