PRESS RELEASE: Bali Government to end dog meat trade



Bali’s Governor I Made Mangku Pastika AO has issued an historic Governor’s Decree outlawing the dog meat trade in Bali.

The Decree, sent to officials in all Bali’s Regencies, was issued in response to an international outcry after an Animals Australia investigation revealed the brutal capturing and killing of dogs for Bali’s dog meat trade.

“This is a momentous decision by Governor Pastika that will not only spare many thousands of dogs from terrible suffering but will help to restore the positive relationship the Balinese people have enjoyed with their unique heritage dogs for centuries,” said Animals Australia’s Chief Investigator Lyn White.

“People from around the world have expressed their distress and concern for Bali’s dogs. We applaud the Governor for listening and taking the decisive action needed to bring about positive change.”

A four-month long Animals Australia investigation released by ABC’s 7.30 program in June revealed dogs in Bali being captured and slaughtered in horrific ways. Vision showed dogs, including people’s pets, being stolen, strangled, poisoned, shot and bludgeoned to death. The investigation also revealed that tourists were being duped into eating dog meat on popular Bali beaches.

A landmark Forum, organised by the Udayana University One Health Collaborative Centre in Bali, and sponsored by Animals Australia, was attended by government officials from Jakarta, as well as from Bali’s health, tourism, agriculture, and community sectors. The Forum overwhelmingly recommended that the dog meat trade be closed

“While fuelled by a small section of the community, the dog meat trade has been increasing rapidly in Bali, so the government’s decision comes at a critical time. It’s a more than appropriate response to a trade that involves significant animal cruelty, presents a serious human health risk, and undermines rabies eradication programs.”

Animals Australia, through its global arm Animals International, is basing staff in Bali to assist the government with the transition to ending the dog meat trade and improving the welfare of all animals across the island.

“We are really pleased to have been able to build important relationships with senior government officials. Animals Australia’s willingness to be part of the solution for dogs in Bali has helped generate the goodwill needed to act on the trade.”

"Dog eating is not a Balinese practice – it was fuelled by a small group who came to the island in the 1970’s to work in the hospitality industry. For thousands of years Bali's dogs have lived peacefully in villages with locals — it is our hope that they will soon be able to do so again,” said Ms White.

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