Help end jumps racing carnage

Horses are sensitive and intelligent animals, and in nature wouldn't choose to jump over hurdles and risk broken legs, injuries — even death — unless they had no other option. Please take action today and help to end this deadly 'sport'!


Jumps racing is a cruel and dangerous 'sport' in which horses are forced to jump metre-high fences at high speed. It's 10 - 20 times more dangerous to horses than flat racing, and many of the injuries sustained during jumps races can be horrific. Jumps racing now only occurs in Victoria and South Australia where horses continue to die on the tracks every year. In the 2011 jumps racing season eleven horses died on the tracks and 2012 saw six jumps horses killed on tracks.

The Victorian and South Australian Governments and racing industry leaders deem it acceptable to have an 'allowable death quota' for horses (the 'target' fatality rate set by industry is about 15 times that of flat racing). So long as they permit jumps racing to continue, they share the responsibility for every horse dying on the track, and every punter maimed or injured.

Please add your voice and let your state MP know that the community will no longer tolerate this cruelty.


15 April: 'Wheeler Fortune' was only five years old. He should have been enjoying the prime of his life — instead, he was made to compete in a jumps racing event at Oakbank, South Australia. He survived, nearly to the end, only to fall at the final hurdle — suffering a devastating leg injury. His horrific final moments were captured on film — but please be aware it makes for very disturbing viewing.

Gambling money does not justify what 'Wheeler Fortune' went through — nothing does.

As long as jumps racing continues, horses will suffer and die like this. Tell your State MP to end this cruelty once and for all.



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